28 December 2010

My Favorite Books and Movies

My favorite movie is Finding Nemo, a story of a young clown fish's personal struggle to prove his father wrong.

My favorite television program - House M.D.the story of a idiosyncratic doctor who believes everyone lies, the only variable is "about what."

My favorite book - Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka A traveling salesman suddenly turns into a big cockroach one day and no one really bothered. It's my first encounter with Magical Realism as a literary style and my inspiration for most of my  literary attempts.

Honorable mention - Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, a story of a young monk who leaves the ascetic way of life to achieve a deeper understanding of humanity and spirituality.

Favorite Quote:
"If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well."


gillboard said...

i like your quote. and amen to Finding Nemo. one of the best films of all time. :)

mots said...

bagets na bagets sa movie :) lerv ur favorite quote too

pmm012 said...

i dig House MD too.. my favorite episodes are the season finale of Season 4 like the start of season opener of Season 6... hope they don't run out of medical cases..

khantotantra said...

na-curious ako sa metamorphosis kaso di ko alam kung makakabili ako ng book na yan.

krn said...

house MD, my classmates' favorite. madami silang dvds. nakikinood lang ako. nice to know you love it too :)