26 December 2010

My Gift to Myself 2010

I normally don't buy anything for myself for Christmas, but I've been such a good  boy this year that I decided to treat myself things that can be helpful for the next year.

My first gift to myself this Christmas is a gold executive planner (below). I donated my 2011 Starbucks planner to Sweet Pea. I have been collecting them since 2002. If you have been collecting Starbucks planners like me, you might have noticed the declining quality of their planners through the years. That's the reason why I grew tired of collecting them, not to mention they are very expensive (I tried computing it. You need to buy more or less 2000 Php worth of coffee, which is of course very ridiculous!). So for this year,  I decided to try other planners which are of better quality than overrated Starbucks planners. Planners are important to me. But of course, planning is one thing - execution is another.

Piggy banks are time honored symbols of prosperity. They are helpful in  remembering thriftiness. I always keep in mind the old Filipino proverb, "Ubos-ubos biyaya, bukas - nakatunganga." Last year, I did the same thing by buying my self a cheap 10 Php plastic toy "bear bank." It was a witness to an effective savings strategy let me buy what I wanted. I wish to do the same thing for next year. But instead of buying another plastic bank, I've upgraded a little by getting my self a  porcelain golden super lucky piggy bank from a certain merchant in China town. Let the savings begin.

Golden porcelain piggy bank batting eyelashes

Came from these packages

Pig and planner 2011


khantotantra said...

di ko alam yung mga previous planner ng sb kung nag-iba na ng quality.

Pero baka next year, di na ako maghahabol ng sb planner. :p

NoBenta said...

tama ka parekoy, "ubos-ubos biyaya, bukas nakatunganga"....ang dami ko na napanood na mga interviews sa mga taong yumaman at isa lang ang sikreto nila. ang magtipid. hindi naman pagkukuripot ang magtabi ng konti!

blogenroll \m/

engel said...

i liked this year's starbucks planner. got myself one, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to use it.

Diamond R said...

happy new year from Abudhabi