05 December 2010


My favorite book ever is  Taxation Law Reviewer by Master Balbas. The notorious professor who eats his students whole. He's the hardest  and most taxing professor in Shaolin Temple like school and passing his subject is an accomplishment on its own.

But I will not see my favorite book again. My book, my watch, my voice recorder, notebooks and umbrella were all inside my new bag (gift from Sweet Pea) when it was stolen two (2) days ago in McDonalds Lepanto. Since my mailman bag seemed like a laptop bag, the thief probably thought I had some expensive computer with me. My book and notebooks are all priceless and definitely more valuable than a laptop.

Guys, always be extra careful when eating in McDonalds Lepanto corner Recto. It is not a safe place. Their guards, managers, and crew are always inattentive, lost, and ignorant. Most of all, their close circuit camera and tv are inutile. Walang kwenta, dehins gumagana, japeks, fake, dummy lang.

So guys, now we know.

Unfortunately, this incident will be charged (oh how expensive) to my experience. We must always presume that the jologs looking people in Manila are ALL  robbers, thieves, and potential criminals. I know, "every man is presumed innocent until proven guilty," but lets just assume otherwise. We become "safer" that way.

Lastly, let us review the elements of the crime of Theft.

Under the first paragraph of Article 308 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, we must prove the following essential elements beyond reasonable doubt to prosecute the crime of Theft.

1. It is a taking of a personal property;
2. The property belongs to another person;
3. The taking was done with intent to gain;
4. The taking was done without the owners consent;
5. The taking is accomplished without violence or intimidation against person or force upon things.

For the thief who stole my black Girbaud bag, potahena, I hope your balls get smashed! Crime doesn't pay. You may get away now, but you will eventually get caught. And when that time comes, I will laugh loud, and will throw a street party. Remember, "what goes around comes around."

It's useless to feel bad for the loss of my favorite book now. Good thing I can still replace what was taken from me, although expensive and hassle. It's just that sentimental value, it's priceless.


sweet pea said...

oo.....useless ung mcdo..when u eat there...d ka pala safe..if nagkaroon ng massacre...no one will know who did it...d pala nakakabit security cams nila...

khantotantra said...

aw, sayang naman ang new bag mo with the mementos of taxation.

Scary naman kumain dyan sa mcdo branch na yan. tsk tsk

chikletz said...

look at the bright side of this event. you can ask sweet pea for a new bag, you are still alive, and the thief...well, screw him.

Will said...

Wow, sakim ng magnanakaw. Thanks for the warning.

Rah said...

@ sweet pea, naalala mo yung crew na minop yun paa natin, eh ang laki laki naman ng floor! ka tanga.

@chikletz, buti nalang hindi ako nasaksak. Swerte parin kahit paano.

@Will, kailangan na talaga magingat, magpapasko na...

Roni Flores said...

my sister's bag got stolen in jollibee recto. grabe talaga ang mga magnanakaw ngayon. dati naman yung extrang gulong ng car namin, naka-cadena na nga sa ilalim, nanakaw pa rin. ayun kinarma yung magnanakaw, naubos sila ng ondoy. hehehe

CONGRATULATIONS SA D90 MO!!! :) *sample!* *sample!* *sample!*

Angel said...

sorry to sweet pea. di ba sakanya galing bag!! :(

engel said...

on the brightside, it's just your things that got stolen, and not your life. that's still something to be thankful for.

Layla said...

hala! :( at least buhay ka pa naman.