07 December 2010

The Unboxing of Dina

It started with just a wish as I couldn't afford one. But after months of saving up,  just around my birthday and Christmas, I join DSLR owners and Nikon users with the arrival of my new camera.

It was long debate, a good 6 months or so on what camera to buy. The debate intensifies every time prices get better and better. One of the main issues of course is  the great divide between Canon and Nikon. It's an issue every new dslr buyer has to resolve for himself. One has to consider that he is buying a whole system not just a single camera. 

I chose Nikon in the end for two main reasons:

First, most of my friends and relatives who own a dslr shoot Nikon. I can learn from them. I can also borrow lenses from them.

Second, the camera felt great in my hands. I like the way the buttons and dials find their way to my fingers.

So far I am very pleased with the results. It has exceeded my expectations. DLSRs are easy to use now a days compared before. 

Now... how do you power this on?

The lens supposed to go here right? Now... is it clockwise
or counterclockwise?

Now that I have the lens on, how to do I remove this
lens cap? Clockwise or counter? Hmm...
Now for the strap, jeez... sweet pea do you know
how to do this?

Point and click. There there.

I am having fun taking lots of photos with my new cam. I'm learning everyday.

Photocredit: Sweet Pea.
Credits: cseamus for letting me borrow his Nikon film style cam.


ching said...

you seem pretty happy with your decision. congrats on your new camera! have you named your Nikon yet? is it Dina? :D

Rah said...

yes ching dina the d90 :)

Unni-gl4ze^_^ said...

yay~~congrats rah~~~~
pwede pa pic?wakuku~~

engel said...

congratulations on the new camera. :)

sweet pea said...

blurred ung first 4 pics...phone cam lang eh...ung last ang ganda :D...hi DINA...welcome to our lives :D

p0kw4ng said...

hello dina! sana magahasa ka lagi ng amo mo di tulad nong sa akin na inaamag na yata,hihihi

congrats at wish granted na lahat ng nakasulat sa side bar,hihihi

glentot said...

Ah the unboxing... a moment to treasure forever hahaha... Congrats!

rico de buco said...

congrats for having a new camera..next project photoshoots hehehe..

Anonymous said...

yes happy na sya! :)

Rah said...

@unni - sure sure sure, ikaw yung magpipicture, or ako yung pipicture sayo? :)

@engel. salamat, may bago na toy.

@sweet pea, buti nalang nacapture mo yung moment na to, kahit phone cam lang, yung phone ko nga walang cam eh :) thanks sa paghelp sakin dito sa project na to ah :*

@powkie i was surprised na complete na pala sila. Susulitin ko talaga to, papaabutin ko hanggang 1M actuations hehehe

@glen I was almost ready to buy a second hand unit. you are correct. Nothing beats the glorious moment of unboxing. that's why I shelled out a couple of grands para lang brand new at may box. :)

@rico, oo photoshoots :)May indian na, may pana na, kulang nalang - target.

Anonymous said...

naman! sobrang congratulations! im expecting tons of pictures in your future posts :)

pusang kalye said...

huwaw!!!!!d90!!! I am dying to have one!!!hahaha.welcome to the dslr world Panda!!! and ---- welcome new NIKON BABY. yihhh!!! we are family. good choice for nikon. for reasons,

1. tama. marami kang matututnan sa mga friends mo. it doesnt add up kung naka nikon sila lahat tapos ikaw canon db? at yung hiraman ng lens. tomoh!!!!

2. it feels good? yihhh!!! parang harry potter wand ang pagili ng camera. you feel it.and actually, it will pick you before you do. good choice.

pusang kalye said...

so pano? photowalk na tayo!!!! are you in my fb list? add me up if you want--antonio magno carranza jr and maybe I can share with you a few tips and tricks. kung meron man.hahaha

Rah said...

@pusang kalye, salamat sa paginvite sakin. im sure marami akong matututunan sayo :) salamat salamat.

@chikletz, sige post ako ngmga pics hehe binyagan na to. :)

pmm012 said...

nak ng! ang lupet ng cam mo dude! ingat sa pagakyat akyat sa mga footbridge..

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

yun oh.... one of my dream to have that slr... congrats on that... so kailan ang next project shoot hehehe :D

sterndal said...

wow ang saya ng bata ah :)