04 February 2011

To My Worst Professor

It is as if it was a joke of fate.

Professor B., probably the worst professor I ever had, died one day after the death of my favorite professor. The best and the worst professors I've ever had, passed away one day apart.

No, it's not the fact that he does not teach that makes him the worst, not even the fact that he parrots the book in class - that's common with professors. It was the fact that he gave me a ridiculous grade beyond human logic and comprehension.

When I requested for a recomputation, he didn't even bother to read my request. All I wanted was fairness. I didn't even want to pass if I wasn't deserving. I just wanted to know how he came up with a grade that is lower than the price you pay for three bags of Chippy when I submitted all the requirements for his subject.

The grade that he gave caused me a lot of trouble.  The average that I was maintaining plunged like a crashing airplane. I lost my momentum. I was really hurt. I had to pick up the pieces of my broken dreams and piece them back painfully together again.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, time passed by. It is true what they say, time heals.

Sir B., it is unfortunate that I did not  get to know you better. I regret that my impression of you was not as  you might have really deserved. I know you were just doing your job, I understand. You had your own style. But come to think of it, looking at the brighter side, that experience made me realize I can take failures in a grand way.

There are no more hard feelings. I have been healed of the pain and  I have forgiven what needs to be forgiven a long time ago. I am happy now.

Sir, God bless you. May you rest in peace.


khantotantra said...

2 death ng prof ah.
btw, si fave prof mo, ninong pala ng ate ko. dumalaw sila last sat.

author said...

Oh God. Life's twists are just so surprising to handle sometimes. Two deaths. May they all rest in peace.

sterndal said...


talk about worst prof.

dropped unofficially ako in one of my MAJOR subjects in college dahil lang sa isang nakapa inconsiderate na prof

libing kasi ng tatay ko nung midterm exams at alangan naman na unahin ko pa yung test kesa sa last day ng tatay ko???

pero sabi nya hindi daw sya tumatanggap ng kahit anong reasons pag midterm and finals. at dahil hindi ako nakapagtake ay dropped unofficially daw ako.

sad. pero yun ang rules nya kaya kahit for human considerations ay wala akong nagawa. kahit nag-beg pa buong class!

adik yun eh.

so yun, buti na lang after 1 sem lang ay nakabalik agad ako scholarship sa tulong ng mabait na dean ;)

tas 1 year after ng college grad, habang nakasakay ako sa jeep sa recto. merong mga taga PLM na nagtsi-tsismisan

a certain gay professor was found murdered in his condo unit.

nagulat nga ako nung nabanggit yung pangalan ng prof

sya pala yun!

pero HINDI naman ako natuwa noh

kasi never naman ako nagalit sa kanya

ewan ko bat hindi ako nagalit dun???

basta nung nakiusap ako sa kanya na payagan ako mag take ng midterm exam at sinabi nya na NO ay hindi na ako nagpumilit at umalis na lang ako.

poks said...

he may rest in peace!

yun lang alam kung sabihin..sowee naman! tsaka pala..buti at may natutunan ka pa ding lesson sa ginawa nya sayo db? galing!!