06 March 2011

On Chips Delight

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, Sweet Pea and Panda choose Chips Delight. For us, only Chips Delight will do.

It was back in 2009 when I first learned about Chips Delight. Sweet Pea bought it as dessert for a dinner she made for us. I was skeptic at first because I was so used to Chips Ahoy and Soft Batch. But after we finished our first pack of Chips Delight, I never looked back. Like Sweet Pea, it also became my favorite.

Believe it or not, Chips Delight saved us from hunger and fatigue when we climbed Mt. Pulag back in 2009. It gave us the extra boost we needed to climb the peak of the highest mountain in Luzon. You can read more about our Mt. Pulag expedition here. We would not have made it without Chips Delight.

What we like about Chips Delight is its consistency and texture. It's not too soft nor too crumby. It's sweet and yummy every bite. What sets Chips Delight apart from other choco chip cookies is that it is cheaper and crunchier. Sweet Pea and I particularly love the Striped Chocolate variant. 

Chips delight is our staple cookie. No choco chip cookie comes closer. We definitely recommend it.

Only Chips Delight Will Do

There you are you lil sweet thing!

Chip Delight Knows

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We definitely love Chips Delight.


khantotantra said...

Nice, promo. :D heheh. Masarap yang chips delight kapag kasama ng mga hot choco drinks. Diba may blue color yan? yun ang binibili ko noon.

RICO DE BUCO said...

msarap b tlg yan> chips ahoy kasi ako..matry nga yan bka i will never look back din hehehhe

gillboard said...

i like chips delight too. pero i like chips ahoy chewy. hay.

Nishiboy said...

bayad ba to? =P

Layla said...

yeah, I agree! these cookies are yummy. :)

krn said...

endorser ikaw na! nung napanood ko yung baby panda sa news sa tv naalala ko ang blog na ito. haha wala lang, just saying hehe :)

apple said...

haha! cute post! i love chips delight too. but i love chips deluxe more. :)

shi zhan said...

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