24 May 2011

How to Save at McDonalds

"The only sure way to double your money right now
 is to fold it in half and put it back in your wallet."
- Rick Warren

McDonalds represents all the arguable evils of global capitalism. They will do everything to get your money. Here are some tips on how you can save money at McDo:

1. Don't go to McDonalds. 
If you are already there, don't order anything.

2. Ask for more. 
If you have to order anything, make sure to ask for more. More sugar, more creamer, more stirrer, more salt, more gravy, more pancake syrup, more tissue. Go find yourself a seat, then go back to the counter then ask for more. Keep on asking until they refuse to give you anymore, which usually doesn't happen. Bring home what you can't consume.

Coffee is refillable. They don't advertise that but it's true. You just have to insist.

When ordering drinks, ask the crew to fill the cup to the brink and not to put ice. If you want ice on your drink, order it on a separate cup. 

When ordering fries, ask the crew to put more. Don't forget to always ask for a ketchup container. Don't put your ketchup on a tissue. Tissue contains bleach which is toxic.

3. Use and maximize McDo facilities.
Stay at McDo for as long as you can. Some McDo are open 24 hours with free internet. Try not to order anything. If you have to buy something, just buy coffee. If you want to study in McDo for long hours, invest in good pair of earplugs. They crank up the volume of their speakers whenever they want their customers to leave.

Don't leave your things unattended. McDonalds has a lot of incidences of  theft. Remember this, "You can't trust a clown."

Hope this helps,



Anonymous said...

Awww... I love Mcdonald's!! hehe.. But yeah, that's so true. Andaming mga nakawan na nagyayari sa Mcdo. Way back February, I witnessed a theft.. The guy look very...classy and reserved.. and well, RICH. Sino mag-iisip na magnanakaw pala. Ayun, itinakbo ang bag ng isang babae, sitting on the table next to us. Tsk.

Anyway, these are really good tips. I always ask for more ketchup and gravy.. lalo na kapag take out yung order ko. Sometimes, I'd have a dozen. Minsan kapag suplada yung cashier, minamalditahan ko rin. Haha.. Sabi ko na lang, "Eh I love ketchup eh".. At kapag dine in, it really is good advice to ask for a ketchup cup. I do that when I order some chicken meal. Kapag sa fries naman kasi, diretso sa fries ang pahid ko. I don't use or put them on tissues.. I find it disgusting..

I didn't know coffee is refillable. Ma-try nga yan next time.. :)

khantotantra said...

nagtaka ako rah, bakit, ano kasalanan ng mcdo? ahihihh. mukang di ako updated sa recent current events

s said...

haha love mcdonalds =)

pero lagi kami sa jobee


NoBenta said...

hahaha, nice article. at totoo ito. sana pwede kong gawin 'yan dito sa china branch nila kaso mukhang mlabo. baka ma-lethal injection ako. hehehe. \m/

pmm012 said...

the reason why McDonald's can't unseat Jolibee as king here in th Philippines is because children is more afraid for Ronald McDonald than Jolibee. If im still a kid, I know i would be..

Jag said...

College pa ako tumatambay na ako sa Mcdo...bibili lng ng flurry at tatambay na ng maraming oras para magpalamig hehe...I really don't spend that much for Mcdee hehe...

krn said...

yikes! i put my ketchup on tissue! that means i had ingested too much toxins?? thanks for the tips rah. :)

sweet pea said...

I loved mcdonald's too until i realized that they're too pricy and unhealthy..

also....i simply hate clowns!! there is absolutely nothing funny about a grown man dressing up in a costume and painting his face with a smile and do some tricks...its just freakin' creepy!!!i mean...u wont even see his real face and real expression!!!

mcdonalds' have bogus CCTV's ... they dont work...just in the kitchen. they have big problems employees stealing from them but no problem with their employees being robbed inside their premises..

@khantotantra- panda's bag with valuables inside was taken inside mcdonald's few months back and al the guard could say is - "i didnt see anything" and " those CCTV's are not connected "

SunnyToast said...

Great post..I love mcd0:)

tim said...

Wow, Cool tips.. Di naman tlaga ako mahilig sa Mcdo masyado.. Kaya okay...

Sketchperiments said...

mysterious ang motivation behind this post hehe. pero good tips. very good tips. they make sense.

Anonymous said...

Natawa ako dito! Hahaha! Very witty RA!

poks said...

dami kong tawa!! ok lang kasi hindi ko naman talaga lab si ronald..hihihi