28 September 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea's Shopping Spree

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Every year, at 25th of September we splurge shop somewhere. It has been a tradition. This year, we burned our allowances in a Divi shopping spree and a cruise ship dinner.

Thank God the "boyfriend chair" was invented. It is where boyfriends sit while waiting for their girlfriends shop around the mall or boutique. You can find it at the center of the shop or near changing rooms. And why do boyfriends have to sit and wait? Well, it's because girlfriends take a lot of time making up their mind. Most boyfriends can't stand the wait. Thank God I was gifted with extreme patience, plus, I really enjoy accompanying gf shop. I learn a lot from her on the subject of fashion.

A "boyfriend chair" is where boyfriends sit while waiting for their girlfriends shopping.

Shopping makes you thirsty, so we tried BubbaTea Licious Milk Tea. We ordered Taro Milk Tea. It's cheaper than the more popular brands of milk tea.  It tastes like a reincarnation of the of Quickly's Taro Ice which was popular sometime ago.

It's a reincarnation of Quickly™'s Taro Ice.

Shopping can also make you hungry, but we didn't want to eat a full meal because we made dinner plans. So we tried this Sin Yi Long egg tart. It's not as fresh and as soft as Lord Stow's egg tart, it's just "ok." Nothing special, puwede na pang mirienda.

Puwede nang pang mirienda.

Katas ng shopping: Wallet, bag, blouses, hats, stockings, dresses, pants, shorts, cardigans, etc. :)
Ubos na pera, ipon nanaman ulit :D 

Come night time, dinner for two on  the deck of the Prestige Cruise Ship

Docking at the back of the Folk Arts Theater, a cruise ship was waiting for us.

Multiple choice. Which of the following is/are true while I was on board the Prestige?

a)"hindi ako na-sea sick" 
b)"hindi ko naubos ang napaka-sarap na dinner" 
      c)"hindi ako nagsuka sa CR"
d)"hindi ako kumanta, nakakahiya!"
e) None of the above

Good Luck!

First to get the correct answer gets 20 Peso load. hehe

We felt like king and queen of the world for one night.

Happy Birthday Boo, 'till next year's birthday shopping spree! :)


gillboard said...

belated happy birthday to sweet pea!!! :)

Charles said...

kayo na. kayo na. answer: B.

apple said...

made me miss shopping. happy birthday to your sweet pea. :)

sweet pea said...

ako lam ko answer...pwede ako sumagot????hehehehe

khantotantra said...

Habertdei kay ms. sweet pea :D

Wella Daynne said...

Aww. You are such a cute couple. I bet you both enjoyed the day. Happy bday to Ms. Sweet Pea.: )

Plus the cruise ship dinner was really romantic.