27 September 2011

Wish Granted: Asics Cumulus Running Shoes

September 26. Happy Debut my new Asics GEL Cumulus Running Shoes. The universe has a special way of granting what we ask for. Sometime ago, I wished I had an Asics Running shoes to relieve my NB running shoes. I posted that wish on my side bar without expecting anything, to my surprise, someone sold me his Asics for a steal. Masaya lang talaga ako 'cuz I wasn't expecting it. I promised not to buy another new running shoes this year. I hope I haven't broken that promise yet considering I bought a "used" shoes, not "brand new." Hehe excuses. But it's a bargain talaga. Believe me you'll never get a deal better than what I was offered. 

I took it for a run this afternoon and I wasn't disappointed. It offers more cushioning while retaining its responsiveness (compared with my New Balance 563). The shoes was said to be made for people who are prone to injury because of a particular gait of running. It may take a little while before I can get to know its benefits. I haven't taken it for long runs yet. It has been raining hard lately because of Bagyong Pedring which gets into the way of running safely (Signal no. 2 in NCR today, classes in all levels are suspended).

Loving my almost new Asics Cumulus Running Shoes

If you wish for something,  just try writing it down and putting it up. Sometimes "the law of attraction" works. Try it even if it's just a small thing that will make you happy, even if you hardly have an idea how you will get it.  Sometimes small wishes do come true. And if doesn't come true? Ok lang. Sabi nga ng nanay ko nung bata pa ako, "Anak, libre mangarap." Positive thinking lang. "Positive is possible!" - that's my motto. (It's also a spelling trick to help me remember that the word "positive" has (1) one "s" and that the word "possible" has (2) two "s") ;-)

Have a great day. Ingat po tayo sa bagyo.


Charles said...

even if mainstream media have labeled it mumbo jumbo, the act of using your brain to summon what you want to happen, receive or get into is still a realistic issue. it works for me and for that i can relate. my technique is mind video wherein i see things with closed eyes but in motion. it's known by most as having a vivid imagination. the difference is I enjoy doing it and it usually gives me results.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. new shoes! :)

I think I'd give it a try.. hehe.. write my very own wish list.. and see for myself if that "law of attraction" works.. :) Thanks, panda! :)

pusang kalye said...

eh bat ako nakasulat naman lahat pero parang walang natutupad.mapalad kalang talaga at.hahaha

khantotantra said...

hahaha, susundan ko yang law of attraction.... magkakajuwa me :p ahahaha