24 September 2011

Product Review: Moon Leaf Tea Shop

Tea fever.
Yes it's here and it's viral. If you haven't tried milk tea, you don't know what you are missing.

There are a lot of tea shops opening lately, each of them racing towards tea supremacy. There's Happy Fanshu Japanese milk tea with pudding, Moon Leaf, Bubble Tea, ChaTime, Loose Leaf, Tea Bucks, The Tea Shop, Happy Lemon,  just to name a few. Not to mention, you can also still order tea from old coffee shops we've known like Starbucks, CBTL, and Seattle's Best. Tea is everywhere and is here to stay.

The first ever milk tea introduced to me was Nai Cha from ChowKing. I really liked Nai Cha, but I wonder why Nai Cha is now only being offered in a small boring size. It used to be sold in varying sizes. But no worries, milk tea is now more exciting because there's just so many tea shops to choose from, like Moon Leaf!

We have been long time fans of Moon Leaf, but getting to the nearest Moon Leaf from our house is out of the way going to school. So when news came out that Moon Leaf (Tolentino Street near UST) was opening, we went there soon as we had our free time. 

What to Get.
If it's your first time to order from Moon Leaf, I suggest you try first their Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls. That's like their standard "bang for your buck" product. More or less you will like it. On your next visit, try Hakka with nata. You may also want to try their other products, like my personal favorite Yogurt Milk Tea or Jasmine Tea with Yakult. After that, you are on your own! 

How Much.
The prices range around 70 to 100 Pesos depending on the type of tea. Add ons like pearls, nata, aloe vera will cost you 10 Pesos more. It's recommended that you add nata or pearl to your milk tea. It just adds more character to your tea and makes your tea more special.

How it tastes.
Light and refreshing. Not too sweet and not bitter at all.  The black pearl is chewy chewy, and the nata is chunky and fruity. 

We were excited to visit the newly opened Moon Leaf Tea Shop near UST.
We are a big fan of Moon Leaf Teacher's Village Diliman which was first
discovered by my bro.


Tea or me?


Punch it.

Yogurt Milk Tea with black pearls for me,
Jasmine Tea Yakult and nata crystals for Sweet Pea.

It's the unique experience that keeps us coming back for more.


Zhurutang said...

. . . sir, nakalimutan mo yung Happy Fanshu. Japan Milk Tea with pudding. lolz

rah said...

Thanks for reminding me, sige add ko :D

Matok said...

Napanood ko sa t.v yan,hindi ako mahilig sa tea pero dahil para syang Zagu parang gusto ko tikman.hehehehe. Alam mo kung ano nagpapasarap sa tea? Yun yung kasama mo yung mahal mo habang umiinom nyan.parang kayo! naks naman! sweet! :)

Clariza said...

i'm excited about their opening in st. thomas square, p.campa. it's a stone throw away from my place. it just sucks that it will open on october 2, approximately a month before the bar exam and two months before i move out from my condo unit. :)

gillboard said...

i wonder if they have that somewhere around makati or paranaque area.

for now though, i'm satisfied with Cha Time.

Skron said...

Not a tea person. Because I'm more of a beer person. But reading your review makes me want to drink this kind of tea!

khantotantra said...

yung yakult thingy ang sinasabing okay ang lasa pagdating sa ganyang tea drink.

pero mas gusto ko ng matatamis. :D

Indulge Daily said...

mas mura sya sa bubble tea sa mega. sana magkaroon nyan dito sa ortigas area... i also love nai cha. good alternative to sodas.

racs said...

So this was what you were talking about. My personal fave is the hakka milk tea, it has a simple taste. I prefer drinking winter melon juice, uncomplicated by tea or milk, its much more refreshing. Tasty Resto in Binondo serves it.

Anonymous said...

I have a new favorite tea place...it's called Happy Leaf Milk Tea. sarap din!! nakaka-addict yung Ovaltine Milk tea nila. You should try it rah :)