22 September 2011

Treachery: A Reaction to the Mayweather vs. Ortiz Fight

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: Ako ang nagwagi Larry!
Larry Merchant: Meganon!?
I watched this fight expecting the highest level of boxing skills. I was surprised when the fight ended because of some headbutt, terrible piece of refereeing, and some sick cheap sucker punch. (not to mention, the prima donna verbal exchanges from Mayweather and Merchant.)

While it is true that Ortiz did not protect himself while still saying sorry, Mayweather should have refrained form making a cheap shot like that.

You don't attack a guy who's still saying sorry, that's treachery! It is morally wrong anyway you look at it.  "Sportsmanship," which refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence, doesn't mean anything to Mayweather. The commonsense of "defending one's self at ALL TIMES (not  just most of the times)" is obviously not important to Ortiz. Cortes the referee on the other hand is showing signs of aging. His tagline, "I'm firm but fair." may have lost its credibility. Even referees have to retire too when age is catching up.

Mayweather may have won the fight at least according to the official rules of boxing, but he has done so unethically. I can't stomach this. Hindi ma-fathom ng utak ko kung gaano kadisgusting yuck kadirs ang fight na to. They are disgusting - Mayweather, Ortiz, and Cortes -- The Three Stooges of the a circus-like fight. What a waste.

Rematch? Nah. It will be difficult for Mayweather to sell his fights ever again. We all had enough.


khantotantra said...

not a fan ng boxing kaya naman wala much ako masasabi sa laban. but i can say na di ko feel ang aura ni mayweather.... may mali sa angas niya. terrible.

Indulge Daily said...

WWF 'ata 'yan eh. evil incarnate pero for the cam lang as in staged win.

Stone-Cold Angel said...

I'm disappointed with the fight too. Its like watching WWE.

At least in WWE, I know that the fights are scripted.

I have a new word invented -- mayweather is now a synonym for the cheat/cheapshot.

krn said...

Though I wasn't able to watch pero marami akong naririnig regarding dun. The same as your sentiments and concern. You're right, Mayweather must resign sa boxing. MagWWE na lang sya. Nasa itsura naman e. haha

Anonymous said...

i beg to disagree. Mayweather, no matter how boring his past fights have been, will continue to sell fights!!! You know why? Tons of people would love to pay to see him lose.
Mayweather is synonymous to being an asshole. Complete opposite of Pacquiao when the latter is in the ring. Boksingero si pacquiao pero maawain at gentleman sa ring!!! :)


Anonymous said...

hehe. oo maawain si pacman. tell that to the faces of hatton, dela hoya, margarito, cotto, diaz and mosley. the battered faces of the mentioned. hehe. mayweather my ass

Anonymous said...

ur a mayweather.. hehehe..