28 December 2011

Our Family Zoo Adventure 3 (Tiger Safari and Crocodiles)

Now, to conclude the last part of our family zoo adventure... our encounter with the tigers! Man these cats are big and majestic. You don't want to upset them.

The tiger jumped over our jeep looking for food. It scared me, I tell you.

tiger 2
Can't underestimate tigers, they are very ferocious.

tiger 3
Tigers are highly ferocious, and unlike the laid back male lion, it's never wise to turn your back to a tiger even in captivity. Even seasoned zoo keepers report tigers assume a stalking position and prepare to strike when they turn their back to them in the cage -Source
tiger 4
Honestly there's a part of me that feels sorry for these tigers.
 They have to work for their food by entertaining guests. 

Poor ostrich losing some  feathers. 

There! The crocodiles, a lot of them! They are as crooked as our politicians. :)

Conclusion: Zoobic Zoo adventure was fun and refreshing. It's a bit pricey, and you have to charter transportation to go there, but it's really worth it. It's a great place to date with your significant other or bond with the family. I'll definitely go back if given a chance to. My favorite part of the tour was, of course, the Tiger Safari. I just pray Zoobic can maintain the facility and remain as an animal sanctuary for more years to come.


gillboard said...

reminded me of Enteng ng Ina Mo.

they had a scene there shot in zoobic.

i know. i watched the film. ugh.

khantotantra said...

katakot naman yung close encounter with tigers pero mukang enjoy yun!

bakit kaya nakakalbo yung ostrich sa pwet?

rah said...

@gillboard, siguro you were hoping the enteng (series) would improve this year... well i guess it didn't :)

@khant Laki ng tiger parang small horse, and they're so fast. Maybe it's an ostrich thing self mutilation, perhaps? hehe

Chad said...

Attorney, kakainggit naman ang trip mo with the tigers! Sama ako next time! (PS: already added your blog to my list!) :D

rah said...

@chad, thanks po sir chad :) Next time totoong Safari na ,sa Afwica.

My Nomadic Habits said...

i really want to experience tiger jumping over the vehicles..parang exciting and thrilling.