31 December 2011

Goodbye Hello

If you want others to be happy next year - try compassion. If you want your self to be happy next year - try compassion. Oh and empathy. Compassion and empathy, they go together.

The end of the world is coming. Are you ready? What a great year 2011 was, it's a transition year for me. My prospective changed a lot. Found new ways of looking at things. Discovered running - my dose of happy pill; and photography my other happy drug.  While the truth remains -- that there will always be good years and bad years, I try counting only the good ones. Like a sundial that  counts only the sunny hours and forgets the dark ones, positive is possible. I've tried to make this blog as positive as I can.

I am afraid next year I won't be able to write in this blog as much as I want to anymore because of a hectic schedule coming up. I don't know when I will comeback. Farewell!

But I'm cooking up something, a new anonymous blog. A blog with a mask. A blog without a face. Sort of what this blog was originally conceived to be in the first place. It will be be as damp, dark, and as cold as it can get. It will dig deep on what lies beneath the Consciousness. If you happen to find it. See you there then.



Alla said...

I found it. ;)

khantotantra said...

see you around Rah.

pano pag nanalo ka sa contest ko? mahanap nga yang anonymous blog mo :p

Hoobert the Awesome said...

Oh, that's really sad. You're leaving :( But I know you have your reasons so I respect it.

Sana mahanap ko din yun. :)

rah said...

@alla gotcha!

@khant, il stil be around, won't be writing here as much, though :) You can always reach me here. :) at sana nga manalo ako, shanawa!

@hoobert the awesome :) hey, you will find it. It's easy :)

gillboard said...

do hope to find that anonymous blog when it pops up.

have a more fruitful year ahead of you rah!!! :)

rah said...

thanks sir gillboard! happy new year! good vibes 2012!

McRICH said...

i was hoping that you could forever stay blogging about all the positive things that life is giving you but i guess you want to explore more and learn more about what lies ahead on the other side of the fence.

but when you do, and found that it is much darker than what you have thought, hope that you'll find your way back to your happy-daily-panda :) see around bro, you will be missed!

rah said...

thanks mr. mcrich, il still be around, but as you said, on the other side of the fence :) faceless.

Roni Flores said...

i've always wanted to create an anonymous blog. :) happy new year and good luck in this new phase of blogging for you :)