27 December 2011

Our Family Zoo Adventure 2 (Camels and Reptiles)

We don't get to see these camels and reptiles everyday, so we were very excited. The regular admission of 449 ++ for the whole Zoobic tour was, I guess, worth it. We really enjoyed feeding and interacting with the camels, reptiles, and a lot of other animals I never knew existed.

At first I thought camels were hostile, but they are friendly pala. As for the snakes, hehe goodluck...

Friendly camels! Too bad wasn't able to see camel toes. :p

They are just interested on our food. 

I forgot that camels are not dogs. Hehe I'm so used to our dog.

Animal show where they force the animals to work for food. :) Just kidding. The animal show is really to increase people's awareness on animal protection and nature conservation ;p

There are a lot more features in Zoobic. These caves are old war bunkers converted to mini museums and attractions. There's our safari jeep. It is reinforced with grills to protect passengers from possible tiger attacks!

Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes. Herpetophobia is the  fear of reptiles. Hssss...  Zuma will love it here.

Adult P449
Children 4 feet below P349
Souvenir picture at the tiger safari =P295 each
Feeding the bearcat (stick of bananas) = 10 pesos each
Feeding the Birds (you just have to hold the bird seeds in your hands and the birds will come to you.  = 10 pesos per cup of feeds
Feeding the Goat/sheep (milk) = P25
Dressed chicken for the tiger (this is what they use to lure the tiger to hitch on top of the modified jeepney. = P200
Safari Train ride = P50 per pax


khantotantra said...

muka namang so sulit ng bayad sa adventure dyan sa zoobic. :D

gillboard said...

this post made me think if i've ever seen a camel in real life.

hmmmm. i don't remember.

McRICH said...

ui camels, dami nyan dito! makapunta nga rin ng subic, circa-kopong-kopong pa nung huli kaming pumunta dyan, ala pang zoobic safari. nahihirapan kse kong maghanap ng medyo affordable na hotel na malapit sa area ng ocean's adventure & zoobic safari, hay. sensya na kung dito pa ko naglabas ng sama ng loob haha :)

Sendo said...

sulit nga. naalala ko tuloy ung sa singapore zoo.hanggang sight seeing ka lang..ang mamahal kasi nung feeding.

di pa ko nakakakita ng camel in real life hihi..tsaka interesado ako sa tiger safari..yeee....