03 December 2011

Tatay's First Race

Tatay's sporty "get up."
"Here's your running shorts, running shoes, and socks." My tatay (a senior citizen) requested my help in preparing the running gears he could use for their office sponsored fun run, and I gladly did.

The time was four a.m., the race starts in two hours at the UP oval. Cash prizes await those who finish the race. This race was different, employees were "paid" to run. How I wish all races were like this.

Under the pretext that I would be somewhere around UP to jog on my own, we drove to UP. But the truth was, I was gonna cheer for him! I can't help but smile as he lined up at the starting line. I guess I was more excited than he was.

Six thirty a.m., at the sound of the whistle, their office was running - lawyers, clerks, janitors, staff, everyone.

I jogged the opposite way to meet him halfway. When I saw him, I gave him a high five, "You can do it 'tay!"

He finished setting a personal record. It's his faster ever! You should have seen the very proud son that I was. I wish it's enough to get him to be inspired to run regularly. Yes, he sure did enjoy his first ever fun run. Mission accomplished. Next up, I hope I can get my incorrigible mom (a chain smoker) to run too. 


makaveli_gina said...

Wow! should i say like father like son? :)

Si Inong ay ako said...

Congrats to your dad, like father like son how cool!

Sendo said...

buti pa si tatay! hehe...ayos ah

Con said...

Yey! COngrats tatay! :) I'm sure na enjoy nya ang pagtakbo.

joan sison said...

na-iyak ako sa tuwa. tears of joy. hehe atty. sabio, you never fail to amaze us. congratulations pO. to RA, u really are a lucky child. you've got lots of reasons to be thankful for. [ambisyosa sa pag-eenglish] haha!