16 March 2010

20 Ways On How To Save at Starbucks

Here's what everyone should do to save money at Starbucks* :

1. First, and the most important rule in saving money at Starbucks is this -- "Don't go to Starbucks!"

2. If you are already in Starbucks, don't order anything.

3. If you have to order, buy the cheapest drink.

4. Milk is healthy and expensive. Ask for a cup of milk and every 5 minutes. Drink all the milk that you can.

5. Get more sugar than you need and bring it home. Who says nothing in life is free?

6. Get as much tissue as you can, bring it home, or as a reserve it in case you have to wipe  "something".

7. Get as much stirrer as you can. Use it to play pick up sticks.

8. Starbucks has this policy that if you are not happy with your drink, they will "make it right." Drink, 1/4 of your beverage and complain to the  barista, he will very gladly "make it right". Complain as often as you can.

9. Use all the condiments. Vanilla powder, choco, cinnamon, etc.

10. Bring your own coffee stealthily placed in a Starbucks tumbler, or any tumbler.

11. Detox. Water is good for you. Starbucks water is purified. Drink as much water as you can.

12. Go to the toilet and take a dump.They have clean comfort rooms, take advantage of this. Don't forget to use as much tissue as you can.

13. Clean is in.Use as much soap as much as you can in washing your hands.

14. Use as much water in the toilet as needed, too. Keep on flushing the toilet bowl 'till it's squeaky clean.

15. Use the dryer. It doubles as a heater when it gets cold.

16. Take advantage of the air-con. Stay as  long as you can.

17. Feed your mind. Read everything that is in the magazine stack. Or bring your own book.

18. Make friends. Get to chat with other customers and cute baristas, they are usually nice and friendly.

19. Take advantage of the parking. Park as long as you can.

20. (your own suggestion here)

It's okay to go to Starbucks if you have a lot of money to burn. But, for the most of us who survive on skimpy allowance from our parents' blood and sweat, going frequently to Starbucks is not practical.

So whenever you can, try to avoid going there, but if going there cannot be avoided - maximize your benefits.

*Something I posted  in my Multiply site a long time ago.


choknat said...

tama, kumuha ng maraming sugar. mahal ang asukal ngayon. parang kami sa mcdo, dami manghingi ng ketchup. haha

roanne said...

heheheh... wala lang... nagstarbucks ka pa!? dapat di ka nalang pumasok :) nyahahaha pero magandang idea ung sa tissue and sugar :)

p0kw4ng said...

hehehe nice idea!

kakaisip lang namin nong friend ko nong sunday yung umorder lang ng hot water at magdadala na lang kami ng sariling tea bag,hihihi!

Hime said...

LOLZ.. parang di sya "Ways to save" morelikely na "Ways to take revenge in an overly prized coffee" hahaha .nga naman para sulit.

Rah said...

Ang dami ko nang nagastos sa starbucks sa buhay ko. Kahit konting asukal man lang makabawi. Hahaha jologs! :p

Angel said...

I don't think Starbucks will be happy with what you posted. haha :))

Random Student said...

clap clap talagang napiga ang isip ha hehe. pero tutoo naman ang mga tips pde, pde!

Rah said...

I just realized na ang jologs ng post ko na to. haaha Pro-skwalog. Sabotahe! :D Katayin ang mga sosyal. kidding.

buhayprinsesa said...

hahaha!! ako, naiirita pag punong puno ang Starbucks ng students na hindi naman nag oorder! Ang ingay pa!

avril elaine said...

ako na iirita pag nakakita ng mga estudyante sa starbucks na umuorder nga pero d naman nag aaral hahaha