27 March 2010

4,452 fail Bar exams

The Supreme Court impliedly announced Friday that 4,452 out of 5,903 (75.42 %) examinees failed the Bar examinations held last year.

The failure percentage has dropped from 79.42% last year.
In simple terms, 3 out of 4 students flunked the 2009 Bar. The Supreme Court did not bother to release the list of the non-successful bar examinees of 2009.

But while happiness is felt  for the passers, the heart of the panda goes to those who didn't make it.


karen anne said...

too sad for those who flunked...=(

Rah said...

Oo nga, grabe kaya ang sacrifice para sa exam na yan. Yan ang pinakamahirap na exam sa lahat, ewan ko ba kung bat ganon... pero ganon talaga, pana panahon lang yan.

Michael Jay Mesa said...

ika nga nila, better luck next time. hehehe..oi we can be sad for them but it won't change...they also have to do something. Try harder. At the end, we can just sympathize..