03 March 2010

Alarm Clock

The panda bought an alarm clock today. He wants to wake up early so he can be the first student in the library. If this is done for fifteen days, he will win an island vacation, a new digital gear, and a higher chance that he will not see his masters again for the same type of kung fu-like subjects.

The problem with this goal is that it is almost impossible. He was born nocturnal.

It has been said that there is a correlation between hours of study and the chance you pass a test. The more you spend time studying,  the greater the probability that you will get higher scores in tests.

If this were true, only time will tell.


choknat said...

kawawa naman ang panda, nocturnal.. wag na lang matulog. hehe

jurizchic said...

kaya natin to....i-chchange natin ang irregular sleep hours ng isang law student...wah!

Rah said...

naniniwala ako na ang lawstude na pinakamaaga palagi sa library ang may pinakamaraming alam for the day. :)Dream ng panda na siya ang magoopen ng library everyday. Kelan kaya yon mangyayari?