24 March 2010


The panda's mother wants Charisma murdered. Charisma causes too many problems.

There are only two possibilities:First, the murder of Charisma will save the walls of the house from further crackings; Second, Charisma survives and the cracks progress.

There are two choices, none of them seem acceptable. Of course, the panda also cares about the cracks on the wall, but how can he let Charisma be killed?

Charisma has been standing there for a very long time. She and the panda were born under the same stars. Charisma reminds the panda of his childhood. She shades the house and the pedestrians from heat and gives out her fruits all year round.

The panda is against the murder of Charisma because of sentimental reasons. Charisma is not just another tree - she's a legacy.

The panda will do his best to save Charisma. He will do everything to preserve her glory. But he can only do so much - so much but only to a point where sentimental reasons are still reasonable enough.


roanne said...

Sometimes you have to let go to see a greater perspective...

DK said...

bakit mo inaaway ang puno sa inyo? but trees give so much interest in a house, you know? or any neighborhood for this matter.

a habit of naming trees, that's quite endearing.

choknat said...

tama isave mo si Charisma. baka may magalit pag nawala sya.

Random Student said...

nuno sa punso?