19 March 2010

Pompyang Punch

Here is the proof that Manny Pacquiao is fan of FPJ. He was caught doing the classic Fernando Poe Pompyang Punch.

It is either that or maybe, for a second, Manny thought he was doing a sequel of Wapakman.

Or was it a way for Manny to tell  Clottey, "Hey, wake up, we are on a fight!"

Why was it ruled an "illegal punch" by the referee anyway? Was it  because it confuses the compubox that counts punches?

Why was Clottey not punching and was instead hiding behind the high guard the whole fight ? Was it because Clottey took the referee's caution  "Protect yourself at all times!" literally?


The panda wants to be a real boxer. He wants to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, too. But right now, he contents himself with mere air boxing.


choknat said...

tawa kami ng tawa ng ate ko dyan. haha.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, un ba ung parang nagsasayaw?

kikilabotz said...

nangaasar lng c manny jan eh.

Random Student said...

yeah for entertainment's sake kasi naman people left their appointments to watch the fight. sana nga si mayweather eh mapompyang na rin

Rah said...

@choknat i think yung sinasabi mo umm capoeira yata yon . yung jiu itsu astig yon, pang streetfight talaga.