02 March 2010

If You Can't Memorize

"Class you did not study. How come you don't know the answer, it's all in the book?" - The master addresses his students with a tone of concern.

"Class, if you can't memorize the lesson, then you should instead understand it."

The panda was listening attentively as the master shares school survival tips.

"...and if you cant understand it, then you should memorize it. It is that simple!"

The panda bobbed his head in accord as if he had just solved his long time problem of poor panda comprehension skills. He wants to learn like humans can.

The panda repeats the words he just heard to himself just to be sure he remembers it:

"If I can't memorize - understand. If I can't understand - memorize."

Panda grabs into his pocket to get a biscuit, which just so happens to be Hello Panda.

"I wonder when they will make biscuits called Hello Humans?" - the panda asked himself.

The panda took a good look at his biscuit.

The panda ate his biscuit.

Then, the panda tried to get the attention of the master by making the international-standard-hand-gesture for "May I go out?"

He went out and never went back to that class ever again.


choknat said...

i'd rather memorize other lessons than solve math problems...

Rah said...

Solving math problems is a skill or talent that you just have to born with. It's like playing an instrument, i think. You can learn the basics, but only few will be very good at it.

darklady said...

Kanina naman ang sabi ng prof. namin.

" Hindi lang utak ang ginagamit para makapagkabisado,dapat gagamitan din ng puso."

jurizchic said...

naalala ko biruan natin sa hello Humans...tayo ang pioneer na manufacturer nun one bullet day!hahaha;D

Rah said...

@darklady, oo nga. may kilala kasi ako ang galing magmemorize pero hindi naman niya naintindihan. wala dn.:)