30 March 2010


Chapter I "Brad, Malate"

After his last and most difficult exam, the panda went straight to his sweetheart's house. They planned to go out on a date. The panda had no idea where they were going, but always thought Malate would be a good place to go out on a date. He has never been there.

They hailed a cab. "Brad, Malate." - They told the driver. 

They alighted near a church and started walking. The couple still don't know where to go. An idea stuck them, "KTV! Tonight will be our videoke night."

The couple started scouring the streets for KTVs bars.

Chapter II "KTV"

There is no shortage of KTV bars in Malate. Left and right there they are with their neon signs.  One KTV bar had a sign in its window "Wanted GRO with pleasing personality." Another KTV bar had young ladies dressed in very short skirts, high heels, and sexy tops standing outside its doors.

The couple was getting frustrated, that was not what they expected. The panda and his sweetheart kept on walking. They saw a familiar KTV bar that seems wholesome.

Chapter III "Look Closely"

It was the first time they had been to Music 21. The couple was greeted hospitably. They were guided to their KTV room. The rate was 84 Pesos per person, per hour. It was around 11 eleven p.m., so they told the order taker to inform them when it is already an hour. They sang their hearts away. They ordered beer. They also ordered sisig. They sang more songs, duets, Disney songs, boy band songs, songs of the heart. 

Before they knew it, it was already 1:30 a.m. They lost track of the time. They paid the bill and had ice cream for dessert.

They walk a bit to find a cab.

The sexy girls were still waiting outside the other KTV bars. Probably, there were less customers that night because it was a Monday and the start of the holy week. 

Lesson learned: Sometimes things are not always what they seem. An innocent KTV bar when looked closely are in reality clubs of lust and desire.


darklady said...

OO nga,pag narinig ko ang KTV bar parang iba ang dating sa akin nung ganoong place. Anyway hindi pa naman ako napupunta sa kahit anong bar.kaya wala ako alam.hehehe. Siguro kung may gusto man ako puntahan e yung like nung Clownz..kung nasaan yung mga comedian para kasing ang saya saya dun..

Tapos na pala exam nyo,wow congrats..dahil pahinga ka na. Ang sarap naman ng feeling na after ng exam magkasama kayo ng mahal mo. Haayzz.....

Rah said...

Thank you thank you. HIndi parin ako nakakapunta sa clowns. pero sabi nila, puro kabastusan daw ang joke don. Malakas din daw magmura ang mga comedian. At kawawa daw ang mga magsyota don kasi ang lakas nila mangasar. Besides mahal. Kahapon nagpahinga ako, nakatunganga lang ako buong araw.

darklady said...

Ay ganon? bigla ako natakot magpunta sa ganon ah..hehehe..sa restaurant na lang at kakain ng kakain..hehehe..

Rah said...

Kung kain ka ng kain, hindi ka ba tataba non? Magiging obese ka.

choknat said...

masayang pang bonding ang KTV. sobra. pero kami ng mga friends ko, sa timezone lang madalas. haha

sa comedy bars, lalaitin ka talaga. kaya kami di umuupo sa harapan. mahirap na. hehe. saka pumupunta lang naman kami pag may show ung gusto naming singer.

Rah said...

@choknat, mahal ba sa mga ganon? sabi nila parang five hundred daw ata dun eh.