08 March 2010


The panda went to the nearest Starbucks branch to study. He did this because someone told him that this is where all the cool students go to review for exams.

Upon arriving at the coffee shop though, the guard would not let the panda in. 

"No animal allowed po boss." - the guard told the panda.

"I know my  rights. I will not be discriminated just because I'm a panda." - the panda smiled as he kindly engaged the guard into a brief  verbal exchange. The panda was naturally charming and adorable.

The guard had no choice but to let the panda in.

"Sometimes the best way to win an argument is to avoid it." "Even if you don't like the person, it doesn't mean that you should stop being nice." "When all diplomacy fails, that's when you only resort to aggression." - the panda told himself.

The customer before panda ordered "Venti-non-fat-extra-shot-Irish-cream-coffee- jelly-upsidedown-white-chocolate-mocha-frappuchino ..."

The panda  realized that generally, the longer the name of the coffee the more expensive it gets. Learning this, the panda ordered a coffee called "short drip."

The panda skimmed around the coffee shop. He still can't understand how students can study in that noisy, crowded, overly expensive coffee shop.

"Everyone, is like, so sosi here? Oh my gosh. Iz like, err.. maybe I'm not that cool enough?" -  The panda thought.


DK said...

wala bang bamboo shoot flavored coffee for the panda?

darklady said...

hindi ko pa nasusubukan maka order sa starbucks, mahal kasi e.hehehe.
Mas komportable siguro yung iba na doon mag review kahit magulo. ako kasi sa bahay lang talaga nag rereview, dun lang sa room ko with music! ^_^

mr.nightcrawler said...

para sa akin, if i can't pronounce it... i won't eat it! haha! i never really liked starbucks! the coffee is way overpriced. nga pala, most of the people there aren't sosi, mas madami dun ang nagpapaka-sosi lang! haha. i swear. nice blog panda :P

chryztyners said...

starbucks is so over-rated. and yeah, most people in any other coffeeshop, not just starbucks, are all social climbers asking to be seen in that place. btw, fastfood coffee tastes even better than starbucks'.

Rah said...

Kopi Roti has a nice coffee.
I also like mocha blends.

Angel said...

Ang kulit mo panda boy! so kyut!

choknat said...

"Everyone, is like, so sosi here? Oh my gosh. Iz like, err.. maybe I'm not that cool enough?"


bakit nasasarapan ang madami dun? ung feeling na nakainom ng mahal na kape sa starbucks. hehe

p0kw4ng said...

aktuli di masarap ang coffee sa sterbeks compare sa mga italian coffee pero bumabalik balik ako dyan at hinahanap hanap ko..bakit? dahil sa raspberry cheesecake nila,hihihi

Random Student said...

maybe nga di ka belong there harhar, maybe sa Cafe de Lipa in MOA?