30 December 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Blog Entries of 2010

 A list of my top ten favorite blog entries this year.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Encounters with a Student of the Third Kind - The panda's bitterness and envy towards super intelligent humans. Are they really humans, artificial intelligence, or aliens? Sometime the universe is unfair.

The Death of Music - Panda contemplates on giving up his music. It's a gift, but times are changing.

Charisma - the story of panda's childhood friend Charisma in danger of being murdered. He violently opposes any move to murder her.

What's in the Iglesia ni Cristo Logo? - panda becomes interested with religious symbology and attempts to investigate the meaning behind the ubiquitous Iglesia ni Cristo Logo.

Reality Bites - Panda eavesdrops on a conversation between a middle aged man (who has recently lost his leg) and a restaurant owner. The man wanted a job, even menially, even for merely for food. The restaurant owner couldn't care less.

It Hurts - A four (4) part series on the pains and joys of having an impacted tooth being taken out of the panda.

The Death of Sociology - Panda contemplates whether or not he took the right course in college after a doctor, dentist,  and an accountant asked him "what's your course back in college" over dinner.

Break a Leg - Panda tries to save a woman whose leg was trapped between the train and the platform edge. 

Theft - Panda loses his bag to a thief in McDonalds Lepanto, Cor. Recto. An expensive lesson learned charged to his experience. 

The Unboxing of Dina - Panda has been saving for several months. The time has come to unbox the camera of his desire.

 Favorite Photo of the year:
Santa Bimby, I have been a painfully good boy this year, now, where's my present??

What's good about blogging is that you remember the great happening of the year. This year has been a great year. I hope next year will be great, too. Thank you to all the readers of this blog. Specially to those who always leave their objections in the comments area. You know who you are. Cheers! :)


ching said...

the look on the puppy's face is priceless!

krn said...

whoa, great! i wanna post blog entry like this but i dont wanna be gaya-gaya kaya wag na lang. nyahaha

happy new year. looking forward to more favorite entries of yours. :)

chamiechamz said...

Dear Panda,

I envy your D90! huhu rarrr. hehehe :D